Investment Committee

A team of dedicated investment specialists with the responsibility of applying our investment philosophy to every thing we do.
Meeting regularly to research, monitor and report on investments that may be appropriate for inclusion in client portfolios, Consilium provides advisers with all of the research, asset allocation and modelling tools necessary to deliver high quality investment advice.

Investment Philosophy

Four cornerstones;

  • Minimising costs.
  • Focusing only on highly liquid, highly diversified and high quality investments.
  • Tilting portfolios towards academically proven sources of higher expected returns.
  • Avoiding expensive tactical trading strategies.

CEFEX Accreditation

The strength of Consilium’s investment processes are such to have been independently certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as achieving global best practice standards.
Consilium’s investment management practices are annually audited by CEFEX to ensure that their processes and procedures remain robust and are being consistently and rigorously applied.