About Allan

My name is Allan Williams, I am an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) providing independent investment and wealth management advice throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Part of my role as an Authorised Financial Adviser is to abide by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) rules and regulations “Code of Professional Conduct”. There are a number of standard codes I have to adhere to however my priority is the first code;

“Placing client interests first and acting with integrity”

I have over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry with the last 24 of those with one of New Zealand’s longest established Financial Advisory Companies.

I have now left the Corporate owned Advisory world to become an Independent Investment Adviser with no ties to any product providers. The name of my Company is Ploutos Wealth Management.

Ploutos Wealth Management was born out of Ploutos being the Greek God of Wealth, Ploutos is usually pictured as a young boy in the arms of Eirene the Greek God of Peace – Peace and Wealth.

I wanted my clients to have “peace and wealth”, peace being; no panic when markets fluctuate greatly. Wealth being; working together to achieve and maintain your wealth. Having strong views on this I needed to partner with a Company that had similar philosophies to myself to provide the research and the platform needed to provide my clients with high quality Investment Advice while keeping costs to a minimum. Consilium www.consoliumnz.co.nz

Consilium’s Investment Philosophy aligns with Ploutos whereby;

  • Minimising costs is critical
  • Focusing only on highly liquid, highly diversified and high quality investments
  • Tilting portfolios towards academically proven sources of high expected returns
  • Avoiding expensive tactical trading strategies

The strength of Consilium’s investments process are such that they are the only NZ company to be independently certified by the Centre For Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) thus achieving global best practice standards.

Synergy Investments

Synergy Investments is a joint venture between Consillium and SBS bank.

Consilium provides investment research and expertise to help design 9 Model Portfolios. SBS Bank provides the discretionary investment management service (DIMS), allowing the automated rebalancing of the portfolios on behalf of the clients.

Synergy Investment’s elected fund managers costs are among the lowest in New Zealand resulting in enhanced returns for my clients.

For any information and a copy of my disclosure statement please contact me either by email at allan@ploutos.co.nz or by phone on 0800 756 886